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At Fairly Made, we partner with remarkable women from under-priviledged communities to showcase their handcrafted designs. Our aim is to provide sustainable employment to the women we work with  – allowing them to care for their families and uplift their communities. 

These women skillfully weave together ancient artforms with modern design, carefully crafting their pieces.

When you purchase from Fairly Made, you become part of her story – a story of hope, resilience, and extraordinary creativity. 

Join our quest of using homeware as a platform for social change and a force of good.

Basket weaving, photographed by Louis Nderi
Fairly Made Founder Emma Hall

Above: Fairly Made Founder, Emma Hall, on a recent trip to meet with our artisans.

fair weave photo from FB

Above: One of our talented weavers from Phnom Srok District, Cambodia, displaying her blanket. This took 3 days to weave!


The Fairly Made Story

In 2020-22, I was living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia working with an NGO to provide employment to young women from underserved communities. As part of my role, I had the privilege of speaking with countless women about their hopes and dreams.

Despite having lived such different lives to myself, these women wanted very similar things to me. They wanted their children to be healthy and happy. They wanted good friends and good health. And of the most reoccurring themes: fair employment – something that I had always taken for granted.

“Working at the factories, the pay isn’t enough for even our most basic needs. It doesn’t allow me to send my children to school or to pay for health care. And the conditions are very bad – the hours are extremely long and many people have injuries from over-work. I do it because that’s the only option I have.”

In 2021, I visited a beautiful rural community where women were making exquisite, intricately woven blankets using traditional looms that had been passed down generations. The women showed me their dyeing station where they were using locally-foraged botanicals to hand-dye the cotton before transforming it on the looms. I was blown away by their craftsmanship and purchased more blankets than our family could possibly need!

Over lunch, we chatted more and I asked if there was anything they needed. Their response.. “Can you buy more blankets?”. These talented artisans didn’t want aid, they wanted employment.

They shared with me about their deep love for the ancient craft of weaving that had been passed down from their mothers and grandmothers. They explained the pride and satisfaction they feel in seeing a new design come together. They also shared of the challenge of finding buyers for their crafts – with language barriers, geographical isolation, and shipping difficulties.

My brain started ticking over, could I help to bridge the gap between these artisans and socially conscious buyers in Australia? 

Today, Fairly Made is based out of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We bring ethically made interior goods to value-driven consumers in Australia &  internationally – empowering women around the globe to write their own stories. 

fair weave photo from FB

Meet our Cambodia Makers

We work directly with a a cooperative of more than 60 artisans in Cambodia. These women work collectively, sharing their skills, to achieve economic equality and generate sustainable sources of income to care for their families and uplift their communities.

Our makers specialise in botanical dyeing an artform that has been passed down from generation to generation, even persevering through challenging times of war and genocide in Cambodia. With each product, you not only embrace the uniqueness of natural dyes but also contribute to preserving this remarkable artisanal tradition.

Equally remarkable is the traditional loom weaving technique used by our makers to weave each piece. This ancient artform finds new life in the hands of our makers, transforming organic cotton into soft textiles with intricate patterns and designs.

Each piece celebrates the artistry, cultural heritage, and resilience of our makers. 

loom weaving 2

Our Values


We are lovers of beauty and extraordinary design, but not at the expense of those that made it. We work with artisans who are masters of their crafts and ensure that they are paid well for skills that have been honed over a life time.

We prioritise using botanical dyes and organic materials to create a safe working environment for our makers and to protect the earth.


Fairly Made is not about charity. Instead, we bridge the gap between makers from marginalized communities and people like you – socially-conscious consumers who want to use homewares as a force for social good. 

We’ve seen first hand the difference that economic empowerment makes and are passionate about facilitating purchases that make sustainable and lasting change in communities. We believe makers should be able to send their children to school, save for their futures, and write their own stories.  


Our artisans utilise techniques that have been around for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter.

In a world where mass, factory-made goods are standard, we are passionate about the revitalization of ancient artforms.

Hand loomed, hand woven, hand made, hand dyed, hand built, hand printed, and hand sewn. We believe art is made by people, not machines.

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